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“A nuclear war cannot be won, and must never be fought”
Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, Reykjavik, 1986
“Everything has changed, except our way of thinking.”
Albert Einstein

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We are a group of (mostly physical) scientists who are concerned about the impact of science and technology on society and about how to maintain a responsible government and community attitude to the implementation of new and existing technology.

Nuclear Weapons

Our original focus was on nuclear weapons, attempting to halt what seemed an endless nuclear arms race at the height of the Cold War. Now that the Cold War is over, and the nuclear stockpiles of the two superpowers are rapidly shrinking, the society has become less active, and its membership has dwindled.

Nevertheless, there are still (2016) around 16,000 nuclear warheads in existence, and the problem of nuclear weapons remains unsolved.  We believe that civil society needs to maintain the pressure until nuclear weapons are eliminated entirely. Our association remains in being, on a ‘care and maintenance’ basis, to pursue this objective. We continue to cooperate with other associations with similar aims, particularly ICAN (the International Coalition Against Nuclear Weapons) and MAPW (Medical Association for the Prevention of War).







Climate Change

A more recent threat to humanity’s well-being has emerged, in the shape of climate change caused by our burning of fossil fuels and emissions of greenhouse gases. SGR is not undertaking a major role in this debate, since there are more expert groups of atmospheric scientists already engaged, such as Climate Scientists Australia and the Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists, but we stand ready to support the scientific consensus represented by the IPCC Report.

For a summary of facts on climate change, click here

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